New Criteria for planning permission

Commerce comes and goes; business interests wax and wane--it is for this very reason profit, growth and employment criteria should not weigh heavily in decisions about planning permission.   Far better to consider the contribution of any new building to improving the way of life for the average person living in this city.  CRITERA

1. PROVISION OF LAND FOR COMMUNITY GARDENS/ALLOTMENTS--any new build must devote a proportionate number of acres for urban allotments/gardens open to its residents and others who live nearby. 

2. LOCAL CONSENT THROUGH TRANSPARENCY Any plans, ideas for plans, proposals for planning permission, including CLEAR STATEMENT OF BENEFICIAL OWNERS AND THEIR TAX LOCATION must be given over to the community councils in the first instance, given a prominent place in the local city libraries



Why the contribution is important

The citizens of this city do not find their life better or their taxes lower as a result of the huge influx of 'luxury' student flats, greenbelt housing by developers who charge more and more for less and less house, more rooms for transient tourists who use our commons but whose spend is wholly captured by large, non-Scottish, often untaxed multinational show-biz companies (the Pleasance being an important example). Tourist dollars come in and go out with remarkable rapidity...leaving little in the local soil of importance.

The largely overseas students paying large sums themselves contribute little to the common weal, they pay no tax to support our parks and public transport and the wealth they generate for the universities has yet to make any positive impact on our way of life.  Housing for local people with sufficient space to garden or grow their own food...this would be preferable.  

The citizens of this city do not find their housing options improved by vast tracts of cheap new build housing made expensive by very high land costs.  The citizens do not enjoy benefit from derelict land held by absentee owners who pay no tax for the nuisance their neglect creates.

The anonimity enjoyed by local councillors and various 'front' organizations (TIE and the Tram being two recent examples) allow all sorts of mistakes , mismanagement and compromises that harm the community.

by Penny on February 20, 2016 at 10:45AM

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  • Posted by JohnColledge February 28, 2016 at 19:42

    CEC hits the headlines yet again. Posting votes in local libraries is such a good idea. There is not nearly enough accountabity when it comes to our Councillors. It should be seen as a positive, after all, they do get it right as well as wrong.
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