Open and transparent analysis of the independent review.

In order for this independent review to be valued by all parties, there must be an open and transparent analysis of its findings and sharing of evidence on how the outcomes of the independent review inform The Scottish Government's decision making on planning services, and how The Scottish Government have actively involved interested parties at all levels of the review process. 

Why the contribution is important

Too often consultation processes such as these can be well-meaning but become box-ticking exercises because the findings are not systematically analysed and used to inform decision-making, and participants do not hear how, or whether, their views have made a difference.

To constitute meaningful participation, people need to know they have been listened to. The Scottish Government must feed back on what people told them (key themes) and what they have done - or are going to do - as a result.


by Kacurry on February 29, 2016 at 02:21PM

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