Permissions for LDP sites before completion of Examination

There have been cases of DPEA Reporters and Planning Authorities intending to approve or approving planning applications for sites identified in a  Local Development Plans (LDP) in advance of the the LDP Reporter concluding the Examination. Most LDP preparation programmes show the stages of the as Main Issues when comments can be submitted, Final Local Development Plan when comments can be submitted and Examination when comments are to be considered by an independent person (DPEA Reporter).

To determine applications for sites, especially those identified in the Final Development Plan and opposed by those commenting, prior to the completion of the Examination is changing the rules of engagement for the public and others. It is considered that, especially in the case of a Planning Authority (PA) approving sites before the Examination, as the PA is becoming judge and jury on its own proposals. This is hardly a satisfactory situation and is not an approach that is likely to

Changes are required to the legislation to prevent  determination of planning applications for LDP proposals in advance of the Examination.


Why the contribution is important

The Scottish Government is keen to encourage participation in the planning process and for the rules of engagement set out prior to and during the process to be honoured. To have ones comments effectively binned before the completion of the process begs the question "why bother engaging in the process?"

by Libertonplanning on January 28, 2016 at 12:58PM

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