Planning and Costing must be joined

I have spent most of the last forty years involved in the management of major projects in the oil and gas sector. In the area of software analysis of major projects I am considered by the industry as a "Subject Matter Expert".
The separation of cost, benefit and planning into separate disciplines has been a major obstacle for the industry. Of course I should be grateful as joining them all up together again will be the fascinating and lucrative challenge at the end of my career. My only exposure to the public sector here has been as silent critic of the truly shameful Scottish Parliament project, the equally lamentable Edinburgh trams project, and a rather more vocal protester and contributor to the debate about  the current Marischal Square redevelopment in Aberdeen which may make both of the above seem like commercial sound ideas - but of course nobody will know until all the money is spent.
My idea is that Planning in isolation from the rest of the Project Controls disciplines is a mistake. A review of Planning MUST consider (in my not-very-humble-opinion) that it is part of an integrated project control environment.

Why the contribution is important

Value for money.

A process that is transparent to all disciplines and the public


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by David on February 01, 2016 at 04:25PM

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