Planning must be more of a corporate function in local government and Scottish Government

Planning must be more of a corporate function within local authorities and Scottish Government. It needs to be able to promote collaboration and influence policy and resource allocation across organisations to maximise benefits for places.  This requires spatial planning to link effectively with community planning, and vice versa. · The National Planning Framework (NPF) should be more influential in specifying future areas of growth, consolidation and protection.  This means that it should be used as a corporate tool for Government that articulates policy and establishes future decisions on infrastructure provision and resource allocation.

Why the contribution is important

Good planning can help provide the framework for delivering on economic, social and environmental ambitions by integrating and joining up approaches and resources. It can allow us to see the impact of decisions and investment in communities and places rather than looking at this through sillo-based programmes, funding streams and initiatives. It can help us look ot the long- as well as the short- and medium- terms. 

by CraigMcLaren on January 29, 2016 at 04:07PM

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  • Posted by Redfox January 30, 2016 at 10:48

    Craig you are right Planning could deliver all of the things you mention if it was not walked all over by Economic and Transport Advisors. With every business development that comes forward we are told of how much additional money it will bring to the economy and how many jobs it will create. It doesn't matter if there are 100 more appropriate sites or there is already 5 consents for the same thing, which have not been implemented! Development at any cost is a good news opportunity.
    Other council departments are generally better funded and have an implementation role, this is rarely aligned with a long term strategy.
  • Posted by pontipine February 02, 2016 at 16:27

    It isn't very easy for planning authorities to coordinate and deliver development infrastructure if planning isn't represented at a corporate level. The whole point in the current system is delivery...that's why we have action programmes. But action programmes cannot succeed if the planning service doesn't even have the necessary influence over other service providers (e.g. roads, education, housing) within the authority because it doesn't have corporate representation.
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