Provide opportunity for to respond to All LDP Comments

The current LDP system does not allow everyone to see all the comments on Final LDPs before the Planning Authority (PA) submits the LDP for Examination.

It is therefore possible for potential developers to make bids for sites without anyone in the vicinity being aware of the bid and making their views known on the proposal.

It is suggested that all bids for PA should be notified neighbours of proposed sites identified in an LDP and those proposing additional developments should obliged to undertake a similar exercise. Bids for sites should be only permitted until the PA finalises its LDP and the speculative sites should be identified as such in the LDP or an apprpriate supporting document.

In order to make this truely effective the Plan-led system enforced by legislation which prevents consideration of speculative development sites.



Why the contribution is important

Currently members of the public cannot comment on proposals for sites they are not aware of.

Also,  in order to effectively oppose any possible proposals for speculative sites, the public must intimate support for the LPD's stance on sites not allocated for development. This is not an obvious stance for people to adopt.

It would be better for everyone to be aware of the PA's proposals and bids by others in advance of consultation on the Final LDP. This would allow a  PA to take a balanced view of the level of support / opposition to proposals for the LDP area. 

A truely effective Plan-led system would provide greater certainty for local residents and businesses and encourage greater participation in the planning process.

by Libertonplanning on January 28, 2016 at 01:47PM

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