Rural employment land

I strongly believe that much would be gained by insisting that development of redundant farm steadings be complexes of affordable homes with adjacent work and play areas.

Why the contribution is important

Rural communities and their services are dependent on people living and working within them. All too often rural villages have housing developments added to them without additional employment land.  Unsurprisingly, with yet more residents dependent on commuting to work, the decline of rural services continues.
The mechanisation and capital intensification of agriculture have resulted in the creation of redundant farm steadings.  These complexes were invariably admixes of employment land and modest housing where families grew and developed enterprise alongside workplace.  Today these “brown field sites” are invariably developed into what resembles chunks of middle class, often children free suburbia, randomly developed around the countryside for no other reason than the landowner/farmer having the development opportunity to exploit high development land values.
Rural living seems to have become ever-increasingly the preserve of those who can afford it rather than those who could actually add much to rural community life, and personally, greatly benefit from it.  By the loss of these mixed use sites, the national deficit is opportunity sites where young families can develop small rural enterprises adjacent to affordable homes and where the further expense of childcare can be avoided, one adult member working elsewhere and the other from home. 

by workspace on February 21, 2016 at 03:39PM

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