Rural housing provision

If we really want (or attempt) to sustain rural communities, then planning policy has to become more compulsory or persuasive, as it currently is with out-of-town retail developments, rather than being discretionary. Housing provision for instance: based on the overall quantitiy of new housing required in a local authority area, as told by its HDNA, 50% of social housing, for example, should be allocated to the major town(s) with the remainder being shared by ALL the community council areas, resulting in a far more gradual, but beneficial injection of development in respective communities. This would be in the best interests of the public, especially in rural local authorities where depopulation and school closures are serious issues and in reverse, would ensure communities situated within or immediately outwith urban areas are not diluted as a result of development over-concentration (e.g. 100 houses built and huge influx of people simultaneously weakens community spirit). Development needs to be gradual in rural areas. The market (housing values) would inevitably assist in dealing with over-demand and planning policy should identify and earmark sites in each community council area appropriate for housing and quantity. 


Why the contribution is important

By going with this suggestion, not only would you be accepting development but you would also be satisfying every rural community by making them feel valued rather than being excluded. Development has to occur gradually in rural parts to minimise conflict. In addition, by working together - council departments with different responsibilities, local communities concerned et al. - you would be making planning, housing, rural and other policies alike more effective in meeting targets and realising visions. Rural communities have been left out for too long.

by lochaber82 on February 24, 2016 at 04:11PM

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