Section 75 Agreements

I would argue for time limits, or targets, to enable the speeding up of S75 agreements. I think the time spent in these discussions with Local Authorities is often lengthy which impacts on the delivery and viability of developments. Currently I think this lengthy process can act as a discouragement for developing in Scotland, for the resources it requires of developers.


I think there needs to be a standardising S75 developer contributions to help greater equality in, and amongst, Local Authorities. In my opinion, this will promote more level growth throughout Scotland.


I also suggest that the Scottish Government look into the feasibility of copying other UK administrations in implementing CIL's. I think this will help to create better equality between developments in the same Local Authorities which is something that I believe should be an aim of the planning system.



Why the contribution is important

I feel this review of the planning system offers a great opportunity to assess the current developer contribution procedures, and learn from good examples in other administrations. At the moment, there is great inequality in the processes which I think needs to be addressed to support more balanced development throughout Scotland.

by kdonnelly on February 04, 2016 at 09:16AM

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