Tackle alcohol problems

The World Health Organisation says that in order to tackle alcohol problems, access to retailed alcohol should be limited.  Research has shown that limiting access to retailed alcohol reduces alcohol consumption.

It is not enough to look at each community with a view to making an assessment of whether or not there is an 'oversupply' of alcohol.  

Alcohol problems are endemic in almost every community in Scotland.  Funding for the new Adult Health and Social Care policy is going to be overstretched by needs due to ordinary illness, and should not be drained by alcohol-induced illness - fuelled by failure to deal with inappropriate access to alcohol.

There should be a moratorium on the granting of new licenses and the granting of extensions of licenses.  This moratorium should remain in place until the alcohol problems of Scotland are dealt with.

Scottish Planning Policy already recognises the role that planning can play in promoting better health.  The size of the alcohol problem in Scotland is so great that all possible means of addressing it must be employed.  One such means is planning policy and development management.

No further planning permissions should be granted for premises to increase sales area used for selling alcohol.  No planning permissions should be granted for any new premises that could sell alcohol.  This should be set out in National Planning Policy and implemented through local development plans and development management.

Why the contribution is important

In Midlothian alone, the cost of alcohol and drug problems uses over a quarter of the total budget for Adult Health and Social Care.  This situation is unsustainable.

Across Lothian, alcohol problems are the biggest drain on police resources.

Ambulance services are overloaded with the demands of alcohol-fuelled collapses.

My idea is not merely important.  It is crucial to the financial security and wellbeing of the nation.


by mirabellemaslin on February 20, 2016 at 04:15PM

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