That the look of a building be a factor in enforcing repairs.

I live in a conservation area which is only that in name. Unless a building is a physical danger to the public, it is not possible to get the local council to force an unwilling owner to repair and conserve so as to improve the look of the place. Thus windows can be left to rot, paint to peel, etc. It should be part of planning that the look of a building be a factor in enforcing repairs.

By ensuring prompt repairs and a certain standard of visual amenity, the councils and planners can ensure that a conservation area stays looking good. 

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Too many buildingss in conservation areas are allowed to get into a clear state of disrepair by absent or lax owners. Only when a building is at risk structurally or presents a danger to the public is something done - usually too late. 

By having a clear aim to preserve the look of a place, the planners and council can ensure owners comply and keep their places looking good. This has the added bonus of pulling up other properties and giving an area a cohesive look. 

by AlanD on February 01, 2016 at 04:00PM

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  • Posted by PA1 February 08, 2016 at 16:30

    It is possible for the local authority to serve an amenity notice under existing legislation which would address the issue you have raised without any change to legislation.
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