Council tax

Against Mansion Tax as there is no need for more infrastructure.  Instead raise more money via the Council Tax which already exists as a system and works and put in some more bands at the top end of the scale. That way the money raised by the Local Authority, not central government, can then be distributed amongst public services such as the NHS and integrated social care structures for things like community based services in mental health, district nursing and older age services can come via existing co-operation structures which provide money to the NHS. Rather than a Mansion Tax in wealthy areas going into one pot to be distributed together with the need for the implementation of specific tax raising powers and computers, valuations, etc, etc. Via the Local Authority they already know where their wealthy citizens are and how much their houses are

worth. Redistributing the bands or increasing the number of bands should not require new computers, new employees etc - we are after all supposed to be doing "AUSTERITY MEASURES".

Why the contribution is important

Social justice

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:34PM

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