EVEL -need for an English Parliament

  I support David Cameron's call for an English Parliament and would qualify this it could also be a new UK parliament - perhaps smaller given the reduced amount of work that would be involved if English only policies are split from UK policies. I agree there would need to be an English First Minister too. The English or UK parliament could be sited somewhere between Chester and Yorkshire.  By way of clarification – this is a line management exercise – EU Parliament, UK Parliament, 4 devolved parliaments.  At UK level policies should be “inclusive”, ie Airports.  At Devolved level policies should be “exclusive”, ie “Heathrow”.  If it is a UK wide policy then eg all airports should be looked at strategically, if devolved then specific airports to be created or networked further should be looked at. 

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Social justice - devolution

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:36PM

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