Faslane to a cyber crime court

The Scots do not want Faslane and nuclear issue. I would therefore raise the issue for debate that Faslane be put forward for a non-proliferation treaty with the Americans and Russians and any other country involved in this issue.  It is a drain on resources for all of us concerning something we will never use. I would respectfully suggest that Faslane be turned into an International Cyber Crime Court such that there would be one jurisdiction for all licenced software and hardware, hacking would have an international response, banking and regularity management would be centralised globally when the rule of law fails, mismanagement would feature amongst multi-nationals and subsidiaries and taxation issues, and the FIFA issue concerning the Swiss system would enable criminalisation of mismanagement.  Data Protection would have one legal jurisdiction - how many of you have tried to unsubscribe membership of a website outside the UK/Europe - if you can't then your subject to that countries "host" legal jurisdiction on data protection - needs an international response.  There is a need for an international cybercrime court concerning technology somewhere in the world – I would suggest Japan as it is techy orientated and ASIMO could be a mascot; or Cern in Switzerland as it created the Web and Spider network (I think); or Faslane or Dounreay in Scotland as it is central to the world and has an ideology as a deterrant that needs replaced as not being necessary in the 21st Century and beyond and requires networking  ie the web provides the information which is no use to anyone until it is networked – Faslane deprives communities of funds and is of little or no benefit to the world other than as a deterrent, ie a burden, should or could this be turned around to maximise benefit to the world to ensure that technology is upgraded to the international level where it appears to me to be necessary. This is a significant infrastructure project because it would be removing something to create something else: it therefore needs an international conference to debate the issue as it would be hoped that all countries would come on board if it were to progress and be successful.


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Safe and just society - cyber crime is the real threat these days - we need to live in the 21st century

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:16PM

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