Genome project and just and safe society

The Genome Project should replace Nato and be about “uniting” peoples where they have been dispersed.  Nato is about a “perception” of collective security – it has had its time and place and needs to be scrapped.  A Justice system is a frontline defence system and catches “enemies within”.  Justice needs to be restored as it was undermined by the Clinton administration who brought alternative dispute resolution – a Japanese concept – into global judicial systems and thereby undermined the rule of law and Justice.  Justice needs to be restored to create safe and just society.  Remove ADR/IDS/informal justice/ mediation from all public sector contracts especially employment ones so that people cannot be gagged by compromise agreements thereby raising standards in society and ensuring they are maintained.  ADR removes the dispute to the private domain so it does not fit well into the public domain as it ALWAYS removes the dispute to the private domaiin.  Privatisation of hte public sector has got to stop especialy in the courrts.  The current ADR model is a Jewish scam.   see

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Social justice, safe and just society

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:10PM

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