Immigration or humanitarian crisis

  Humanitarian crisis in Europe.  This is not an immigration problem it is a humanitarian crisis.  People should be processed on temporary passports into the UK and the 6000 people in the camp at Calais who actually want to be in the UK should be moved here.  It is a tick box exercise that they are asylum seekers, refugees or economic migrants – who cares what they are they are caught up in a humanitarian crisis.  So long as they agree to be processed they should receive temporary passports and informed they will have to go back.  They should also have to work either voluntary or paid or be students as they must go back and it would be better for international development that they go back as trained people.  The money should not come from welfare benefits. It should all come out of the 0.7% GDP that we tell everyone “look at us and our international development pot”.  Charity starts at home – by processing the people here that is jobs for people here, it is funds for communities who are subject to austerity and cuts here.  By attracting international development funding for empty B&Bs or hotels, hostels or seamen missions etc that keeps money circulating in the local economy – it provides decency and assistance to people in trauma and if they are placed in rural areas and islands rather than cities will have less of an impact on public services.  Plus Theresa May is a tad racist – she sees people as asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants.  She does not see them as nurses, politicians, musicians, footballers, teachers etc etc. Nor does she see them as mums, dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends etc.  The EU said the quota was 140,000 so why have we only taken 147 who actually managed to get here by putting their lives at risk.  Highland region recently took 100 that is woefully inadequate as a response.  Also IDS is giving them £36 from welfare benefits – you cannot buy a coffee and a cake in Costa for £5 a day, nor a juice and a sandwich from M&S.  If they are frugal and buy half doz eggs, some beans and potatoes they don’t have enough to heat the food with re electric or gas.  This £36 should come from the international development fund and be substantively increased, it should not come out of welfare benefits at all.  The crisis is HUMANITARIAN not immigration.  See it for what it is and process accordingly.  If Theresa May does not stop appearing to be racist and focusing on security, ie £17 milllion was spent on fences, sniffer dogs and technology for the channel tunnel rather than people, then she will have to be processed for misconduct in public office.  Our response is woeful and inadequate to a humanitarian crisis – if she had focused on spending £17m on people at Calais, the convoy blockage would have dispersed naturally.  She still has a Calais problem which will require more money, cause more upset in times of austerity.  She needs to clearly identify “cause and effect” – currently she is doing “effect” only.  That is not good enough and our standing in the international platform is affected with standards being lowered.  She may have to be processed for misconduct in public office on the appearance of racism.

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Social justice - the correct label needs to apply then process accordingly

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:28PM

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  • Posted by Lesley October 10, 2018 at 20:31

    The Chinese have a suitable proverb -"to move a mountain you start by taking away the little stones".

    A solution could be Scotland and rural and highland areas: there is Pophail - a ghost village built in the 70s just outside Inverness and there are probably lots of pockets of villages that have declining populations and schools etc that could accommodate in small numbers these people.

    For instance, the Clashnaharry Nursing Home is closed in Inverness but could accommodate 35 people - a little pebble.

    A google search locates 7 substantial properties that are eyesores of Scotland, a team of architects and construction and money from the International Fund could turn them around and they could be a benefit to Scotland and a humanitarian crisis someway down the line – sticking plaster solution or big bolder.

    If the UK and France can build the Channel Tunnel they surely can build a processing centre - even Battersea Dogs Home manages to rehome strays on a better methodology than we are currently treating human beings in Calais. But first you have to stop seeing a convoy of lorries and start seeing a humanitarian crisis, then you can move a mountain – charity starts at home."

    The Marine Care Home is now closed down and accommodated 16 elderly residents. I am aware that the reason for the closure was that the new integrated care model which the NHS are providers for adult services in Highland deemed this care home not fit for purpose as a care home and refused to take it over when it became a problem.

    I am also aware via an article in the Inverness Courier last week or so, that there is a special needs school in the area which has 2 pupils costing £1m a year to facilitate them and that the service may not survive cost cutting measures by Highland Council.

    I am also aware that the Black Isle area have set up a community action group to provide support to the elderly in their area and it would appear to me that what is needed is a new care home fit for purpose to the needs of that community.

    Therefore, my thinking is that the Marine Care Home could be used by refugees and specifically to accommodate refugees with children with special needs. That the children could be identified and actually keep this school open and that it would probably not cost anymore than it already does £1m on the premis whether you are teaching 2 pupils or 30 pupils the costs are likely to be roughly the same - wages, heating, lighting, teaching materials etc. The International Development pot in this area could impact a new care home just by assisting some asylum seekers, refugees, economic migrants who are disabled who need special needs school as well.

    9.4 A Regulation to do (a) 140,000 quota of asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants; (b) soldiers and police wear peacekeeping fatigues or arm bands as people are unarmed; (c) relax borders. If we don’t have nous to do it anyway, then a regulation is necessary at EU level especially for UK and Hungary.

    9.5 Angela Merkhel the Nobel Peace Prize for assisting 800,000 asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants into Germany.

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