Issue with the timing of 'Democracy Matters' meetings.

Gourock Community Council meetings and activity take a break after our AGM in June and people usually have new roles including this Secretary.  We have not had a long break for the past two years during the summer because of single issues.  We missed the opportunity to engage at your meetings and as volunteers deserving of a long break take issue with the timing of 'Democracy Matters' meetings.  Also have a lot to input and very interested in learning more.  Lots more ways of doing things could be helpful and much more notice as well.  If you could have a meaningful presentation for chunks of topics that we could include for some time prior to setting up meetings this would help us to come with ideas that represent our community.  With thanks, Geraldine Harron. 

Why the contribution is important

This is important because people volunteer to do civic duties from all sorts of backgrounds and situations.  Young, retired, disabled and people still in work, we have carers roles as well,  with careful planning of time we are also are members of our Community Council.  We already have Business & Planning Meetings lasting around 2 hours monthly, the main Monthly meeting is 90 minutes and Fourum for people to 'Have Their Say' for 25 minutes before the meetings and a 10 minute Arena within for anything at the end of meetings with up to 40 minutes availablity after this to chat and socialise with Community Councillors and other polititians, officials or visitors attending.  There are all sorts of emails and business and meetings during the month and the minimum any of us spend attending to things is around 10 hours a month, with Office Bearers spending the equivilent of a day a week on the GCC or longer.  It is a pleasure too but adding a single issue requires a process and we find that the fairest way is at our quorate meetings, first if possible, signposting at a Busness or Planning Meeting and taking the summary to the main meeting before voting and finalising things.  We include the community as much as possible and we all have groups, organisations and contacts that we represent the views of and consult the Sederunt attending and often survey or canvas for opinions.  Our Social Media is also strong and we are all approachable and happy to get involved.  To continue with an open approach we need enough notice too.

by geraldine on August 20, 2018 at 02:12PM

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