Local Councillors should be accountable

Due to incompetence of my local councillors(and many others around the country), I have recently had to complain about their actions in not serving the local communities they were elected to serve. Despite complaining to the Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland and the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Constitution I have been appalled to find out that the Councillors Code of Conduct basically allows our elkected members to act in what ever way they wish.

Just like in industry if our locally elected members do not deliver they should be removed from office and replaced with individuals who do wish to work for their communities.

Likewise, the rules should be changed whereby if someone wishes to stand in a local election, they should reside in the 'Ward' the wish to represent, not just the Council area.

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This would lead to more local people showing an interest in their areas, and do away with political parties placing someone who does not reside in a 'Ward'being put forward with no local knowledge

by EAM on October 22, 2018 at 08:19PM

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