Mental Health, need to upskill nurses and unmet needs



* Suggested topics for mental health nurses to give to bring people into 21st Century as powerpoint interation demonstrations under the heading “CARE” in the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act:


(a)    Who to contact if you experience discrimination or stigma?

(b)   How to cope with a mental health disability?

(c)    How to cope with growing old?

(d)   Be polite to staff and each other on ward at all times – what is expected of you?

(e)   Warm up exercises?

(f)     How to use a computer to find out information – web and google

(g)    How to use a mobile phone

(h)   How to shop on a budget for food, clothes, goods and services

(i)      How to report a crime

(j)     How to avoid homelessness

(k)    Personal hygiene – tips

(l)      How to dress your best – the girls / male grooming

(m) How to do beneficial lifestyle choices

(n)   All about Feng Shui – decluttering your life

(o)   Wellbeing and lifestyle

(p)   Smoking Cessation – its not just a leaflet – schedule them in to the service – all knowledge is good even if they don’t stop

(q)   Volunteering as employability

(r)     Confidence building and low esteem – how to become positive and speak out

(s)    Nutrition and food balance

(t)     Seeking advice – CAB

(u)   How to say “No”

(v)    Appreciate Nature – the outside gym

(w)  How to be environmentally aware in the home, at work, in the community

(x)    How to combat loneliness and how to engage in your community, interact with others – simple body language training – the corporate world get this training!

(y)    Specific health, mental health information – diabetes and diet or how to recognise bipolar or schizophrenia, personality disorder, generic mental health issues like mood, anger, stress

(z)    Stress Management

(aa)How to live in the 21st Century – banking using an ATM, online banking

(bb)How to write a letter or do an electronic letter to your MP, Councillor, MEP, MSP or Lord –

(cc) Social Media – Facebook and Twitter and how to be responsible.

(dd) Life coaching know-how and information

Why the contribution is important

Anti-poverty; social justice; unmet needs - raisiig the standards in society to the 21st cetury

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:04PM

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