Maybe all we need to do is focus on the many not the few and tighten our belts a little. You may already have seen my social policy on Prisons - Judges need to be responsible for the public purse, which can deprive local authorities and governments of public funds if not processed correctly in the 21st Century. Non-violent prisoners should not go to jail in a 21st century system: they should be (a) fined PLUS (b) do community payback as punishment plus (c) be asset stripped under the proceeds of crime act for unjust enrichment. We are still in an 18th century model of crime and punishment.


Concerning (b) and (c) above - volunteering could facilitate drivers of mini buses and food preparation in school canteens or elderly projects.  The later could facilitate elderly projects and also the purchase of mini-buses which could benefit the whole school etc. from Community Cashback schemes where money comes from the proceeds of crime and is redistributed via the Third Sector.

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Social Justice

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 07:58PM

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