Regional Deliberation Events

I am unable to attend the the Regional Deliberation Event in Aberdeen, but have some questions to pose:

Whilst recognising the need for change and more local democracy, as a Unison activist, my overriding concerns about the Local Governance Review are as follows:

Who will employ staff in the new model?;

What Negotiating Bodies will there be post review? Will existing terms and conditions in LA's be torn up and started again?;

Will each employer negotiate locally with TU's? Is this an end to national collective bargaining?;

Will outsourcing become the norm?

How will accountability for decisions and spending be maintained?

How will Equality duties be met and Acts adhered to?

How will we ensure that community groups who take control of services run them for the benefit of all users?:



Why the contribution is important

As local Branch Secretary, it is my duty to protect and promote members of my Union Branch. Proliferation and outsourcing will have detrimental effects on Terms and Conditions, and will lead to multiple issues and fragmentation.


by Kennyl on November 22, 2018 at 11:31AM

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