Social Housing

There should be two rates for Council house rent - the first should be based on welfare and the working poor, ie under £17,500 so that the Council pays a known outcome every month/year and the second should be above £17,500 which is the Joseph Rowantree Foundation indicator of poverty threshold.  The second rate should mean that Counil house tenants pay  rent at market rental value for the property if their signle or combined househould income is above £17,500.  This would mean that the Council would have money available for resources by using rents to assist building new homes, resurfacing roads, keeping libraries open and street lighting etc.


Also in houses of multiple occupanncy and homeless people and students the rental income of the household should be per household not per individual.  That would mean that rents are lowered instead of paying £1000 each per month for a 4 bed house at £4000 the rent would be £1000 at £250 each.  That would stop Councils forking out luxury rental income to Landlords for properties that are not luzury appartments, such as students accommodation and homeless accommodation.  Lowering the rents would make it easier to get places as well as enable the family or person to get into work and afford their rent.


Also Councils should stop paying management fees on top of rental income for homeless or temporary homeless people - rents need to come down not up as they price decent people out of the workplace as they cannot afford their rent especialy if they are low skilled.

See for further social housing ideas.

Why the contribution is important

Because my Council has a £37m payback for 2018/19 and cutbacks are hitting social and local services.  The system is currently unjust and inequitious and needs sorting.  Council need to prioritise themselves better and bring in an income sufficient to meet the social housing needs of the area, currently there is a waiting list for homes of 11,000 in my area.

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 07:16PM

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