The Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy

In October 2014 COSLA Sponsored the above Report.  The Report's findings predate the current Consultation and its findings should be re-examined carefully as they have a defining bearing on the current Consultation.



Why the contribution is important

Just one paragraph from near the end of the report setting out the views of COSLA CEO David O'Neill

"The Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy has set out evidenced, rational, and radical conclusions that can kick start the change. They come as a package, but while some can be started  quickly, they will not solve all of the issues on their own, and all of them will require perseverance to think  through, develop and deliver. “If you agree with us, join us in building  a better democracy”. We will get the democracy we allow; the current period of debate and creativity is a real opportunity to  get the democracy our communities deserve. Let’s not forget that it  is local people that have fired the debate about Scotland’s constitutional future, and their  power must not default back to the centre. That is why I want one legacy of this Commission to be an alliance of voices that are ambitious together, and that together can  make change inevitable. I want to work with anyone who  is similarly interested in that task,  and I would be delighted to hear your views."

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