The Interregnums x 2

 There is a need to look at the Scottish Interregnum x 2.  The Scots are hiding their history behind this word.  The Interregnum related to the reign of King John Balliol and King Edward Balliol but not King Robert the Bruce - yet King John and King Robert were cousins.  There must be a reason for this and I have a couple of haunches, but consider it would be worth investigating, so am going to try as I have unravelled a couple of bits of mystery in relation to the Jermy/Balliol pedigree of Suffolk and Norfolk which identifies Princess Ellin Balliol's marriage to Sir John Jermy in the 13th Century and could prove to be fascinating if not also informative : Just saying ... a lot  of propaganda from Robert the Bruce needs sorting out.

Why the contribution is important

Justice and fairness in hitory

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 07:43PM

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