Third Sector upgrade of services at local levels

 Networking Citizen Advice Bureau with the Local Volunteer Service, a Foodbank service, the local Community Payback Team and a not-for-profit café in the same building at ground floor level would benefit many.  On the DLA form there is a box (or used to be a box) what are your hobbies and interests.  Many people who need DLA say things like I cannot do my hobby anymore because of my upper limb, lower limb, eyesight, concentration levels etc.  These people need to be networked to the local volunteer service for assistance to do their hobby or interest or do something else.  Some may want to volunteer too.  Befriending etc.  Networking these services in the same building, in a central location on ground floor level would benefit many and network the services in the local authority area at Third Sector level.  There needs to be greater networking of Third Sector services and would also assist anti-social behaviour and loitering as people would have places to go and feel valued as volunteering has an altruistic affect as well as assisting employability – see lacuna on the welfare reforms above.


Why the contribution is important

Just society and the good society

by Lesley on October 10, 2018 at 08:06PM

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