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As someone who is long-term unemployed (11+ years), the main barrier to me finding work is the fear that there will be no financial safety net for me if, for whatever reason, a job that I take does not work out. Without a guarantee of a basic income if I have to quit a new job because it's not suitable for me, then why would I risk losing my benefits/income by taking a job in the first place? So I don't even think that a MIG would necessarily cost much more than the current benefits do: it's just something that's necessary as a stop-gap whilst people like me chop-and-change jobs until they find something that suits them. Most people would like to work, to earn more than benefits give them, but it requires their government to show a little faith in them - by guaranteeing out-of-work income, rather than punishing them financially for not pursuing an unsuitable career.

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by Outliar on August 19, 2021 at 11:31AM

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  • Posted by Dober67 August 20, 2021 at 13:43

    As above has stated, some people are stuck in the job verses benefits situation. Also, the universal credit benefit should be disbanded as this is not a benefit for this day and age. The part where people have to weeks or months to receive payment or be penalised over a missed appointment, maybe due to something as a late bus, is totally wrong and unfair in today’s world. A lot of people want to work, regardless if they are disabled or a single parent, or even someone who is officially at pension age, but for people who want to work, sometimes don’t have a good experience, either due to some circumstances out with their control, or things happening in their work environment. So, rather than give people a few weeks or months to “try” out their job, people have to choose to stay on benefits or go for the job, and if not suitable, then they have to wait weeks again to get some money again. A lot of people can not take that chance. So again, a lot of research and consultations must be done.
  • Posted by Hotdiamond August 22, 2021 at 12:19

    Agree with the very sensible comment above.
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