Boost to business start-up

Once a MIG is established, individuals/groups can be encouraged to start small-scale businesses that can grow sustainably and naturally without the need to make vast amounts of money to survive in their initial starting period. For example, small scale enterprises might only be able to function initially on a part-time basis, enterprises could grow on local trade - this would be a good alternative to the endless hospitality outlets that are seen as the only option in rural communities, relying on vast visitor numbers and propping up the increasingly negative effects of saturation tourism. Such businesses could offer diversification within, especially, rural economies and move communities' local economies towards a desirable circular model. Extra income generated by employment, business profits or self-employment could then be more readily taxed - especially those earning a great deal, where MIG for them would cease. This would be accepted more easily if people knew their own financial situation was secure and stable.

Why the contribution is important

In the current climate we must look to re-structure our society and economy. The pandemic has shown that we may well have to move towards a situation where businesses can survive on local trade - visitor trade being a bonus not a necessity. The cushion of a MIG allows that to happen. National Governments have a moral obligation to alleviate poverty, even if it takes more from the wealthy who, in our current world, we can no longer afford to protect while others starve. The alleviation of constant worries about money/survival and the resulting physical hardships would free peoples' minds to be more widely creative, not just in the accepted world of "the arts", but also in the realms of innovation and invention. We must move towards an economic model where everyone is relieved of financial burdens - the human condition demands that that is a right when it is supressed by those who want to exploit an economic system that allows them to feed their greed.

by andyt on August 24, 2021 at 11:20AM

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