As I look at this proposal it is an excellent idea. However the tax payer is footing the bill when business should be held accountable for paying poor wages to people who are working and still cannot make a living. Property prices are far to high, rent is far to high, energy prices are far too high, food prices are far to high. We need to look at equality. Bring the prices down and make businesses put the wages up.

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There is enough resources in this world for people to live comfortably there is not longer a space for the greed of corporations and individuals. We can choose another way to live so no one is hungry or roofless and has the means to engage in what society can offer that is affordable for all.

by Laineylu1 on August 23, 2021 at 09:23AM

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  • Posted by Peterfromfife August 24, 2021 at 08:50

    Would be interesting to know how this economic model works……….. Name a democratic country where this operates!
  • Posted by EMayo September 06, 2021 at 11:01

    The cost of living has risen sharply and wages have remained very low. Most people did not get a wage rise last year (because of pandemic) but the wage rise propsals for most industries this year are still very low and do not cover the rises in living costs. Most people will see a reducton of income relative to living costs this year. Electricity and gas in particular have gone up as well as food. This represents the most basic of resources (food and heat). I don't mind price rises to cover wholesale costs to suppliers/ increased transport costs due to pandemic or other unavoidable rises but wages have to keep up with at least the very basic rises in the cost of living. Industries can be regulated and prices can be capped but the security provided by a minimum basic income would help mitigate the impact of these price rises ont those most profoundly affected.
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