Good idea but how to implement?

Its a really good idea to make sure that nobody is living in poverty in Scotland but my question is how is this going to help when things like benefits and bus cards for disabled people and free school meals etc haven't sovled the problem already? Also lots of people in poverty probably have other issues, and unless people have decent access to good jobs and stuff then how are we getting people to move on from poverty. I think you need to really get the people who are living in poverty themselves involved in this - not a quick policy fix - but asking people why other things haven't worked for them, and what would genuinely help them now and in the future. You also have to think about stigma . Also will this apply to people who are homeowners but lose their jobs and are struggling or are you going to force people to sell their houses to be eligible for a bit of additional support?

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I don't think it will work unless you find out why other things haven't worked by speaking to the people you are targeting.

by ClaireS on September 09, 2021 at 09:39AM

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