Include a Mini UBI as part of MIG

Include a small unconditional and non-means-tested component (a Mini UBI) as part of a MIG scheme. It could be a weekly payment to each adult of between £20 and £50 per week. It would act as a foundation under the means-tested components of MIG. Over time, it could be expanded as part of a transition to a full UBI.

Why the contribution is important

MIG has been presented as a forerunner of UBI. Therefore: - it makes sense to embed a Mini UBI in MIG for experimental purposes and to ‘seed’ the creation of a full UBI. Over time, some or all of the means-tested components could be replaced by the UBI. Even without formal replacement, increases in the UBI would reduce the amount of means testing required. - a Mini UBI would establish the UBI principle in reality and provide evidence about the effects of a small UBI on a national scale for the first time. - a Mini UBI would include people ineligible for the means-tested MIG, increasing their buy-in and their likely support for both MIG and UBI.

by MarkBryan on September 16, 2021 at 10:03PM

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