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I used to work full time, but became chronically ill and disabled a few years ago and am now not able to work. The fear and stress of potentially losing my home, having to rely on family and friends to keep going, and the slow-paced, uncaring and punitive nature of PIP and universal credit all made what was already a very difficult and traumatic time much worse. There are so many folk who are not able to work or earn enough to support themselves through no fault of their own (disabled, have kids, caring responsibilities, unable to get reliable, decent paying work) and having a MIG in place would give extra security to those people and let them function better (it's harder to find a job when you are constantly in a state of crushing anxiety about not affording food or housing). I personally would be in favour of a full UBI over MIG, but understand that MIG may be an easier to accept (for those who would be against ubi) first step towards one. And to those who are against MIG because they think it is not a good use of money: for an economy to work money has to circulate. Giving money to poor people actually helps the economy because they spend the money immediately, so it goes back into the economy. Here is an article detailing this:

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No one should risk going hungry or losing their house because they are unable to earn x amount of money per month. No one should be at risk of dying because they are poor or disabled.

by DuineSgith on August 18, 2021 at 12:36PM

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  • Posted by Dober67 August 21, 2021 at 12:25

    As someone who is disabled and have an adult son who is disabled, and a husband forced to retire because we needed help, a MIG, would really be beneficial for all of us. But, and yes it’s a big but, working out what rate people get is crucial. And, would any benefits we are on be took into consideration, and how much would, some or all? A sad fact of a disabled person is that unfortunately, being disabled, is not easy life that some people think it is, it is actually more expensive sometimes than actually working. I personally went from 2 working jobs and a voluntary job, to nothing, having to rely on benefits. And, yes we are extremely grateful for being in a country that gives some support to disabled people, sadly, it isn’t always enough. So, the MIG, needs to take into consideration of what we actually need to live on, and not just base it on a “normal “ individual, because then we would again lose out on our needs being covered.
  • Posted by DuineSgith August 24, 2021 at 13:51

    I absolutely agree, disabled people often have extra needs and have to spend more money to survive, and this should be taken into account whether in the MIG itself or by having it work in cooperation with the Scottish PIP equivalent once it is fully up and running.
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