Seen to be fair all round

I am afraid like myself most working law abiding citizens see idea's or have idea's and think that is terrible and I am afraid I am all for looking at other idea's that hit people where it hurts in the pockets and I hate to say some of out fellow man and women are at it. I will and will support the government if they are doing things that the majority feels what they are doing is fair and you will always get the ones that will shout and usually the loudest as it hits them. Other countries adopt these idea's and people hate them why because it huts them in the wallet for example: **Child maintenance a big bill that tax payers foot as absent father just get away with it and have excuses can we not adopt what America does. Remove or suspend their Driving Licence till they start paying for their child or children why should i a hard earning tax payer pay for it like all my fellow lay abiders whom keep it in my pants and socially will only do that if I can pay for it. simple and it works and has done for years. ** Young Pub goes from 18 to 60 go up the town cause havoc with drinks and drugs being the main fuel and the emergency services spend 90% on Emergency calls taking them to Emergency hospital and give them a bed that is fine however they have more money than sense. We recover money from Insurance companies for road accidents why cannot we do the same with young men and women who cannot hold their drink and cause a great drain on the national service. Either contract it out and the NHS but either way fixed Penalty or actual cost to recoup the money back if they have the money to make a nonsense of themselves then they must have the money to pay for it. It just may make them think and drastically reduce call outs save money for all the emergency services and NHS and get the drinkers to think what they are doing and what the consequences will be either that then work as volunteer helpers setting up night alcohol shelters and clean the sickness again really good thing to do.

Why the contribution is important

I believe we have a social epidemic and it is costing the government a lot of money but it is only a sticking plaster what is needed is long term surgery to address what is now a social problem. Again most governments don't want to do things that they think is important but I bet most taxpayers want the government to get tough and take it on the chin and fight back be unrepentant as law abiding tax payers will support you.

by Bennyboyle on September 10, 2021 at 10:01PM

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