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MIG holds such potential for unpaid carers. At the moment carers are penalised if trying to study or get into employment to better their situation. They also have issues if they have a dual situation - I.e. they may be affected by health issues or disability themselves but may also have caring responsibilities, which are not recognised adequately by the systems. If implemented effectively MIG could provide that financial safety net to finally give carers options and access ro a different future. I think to achieve this rhe government will need to seek consultation and joint working with representative carer organisations to avoid any pitfalls, such as rhe one that exists with rhe Carers top up payment because it relies on rhe UK system, which often unfairly excludes eligible carers due to poor administration and benefits loopholes

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by RosingtonP on August 17, 2021 at 07:05PM

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  • Posted by shirlmo August 18, 2021 at 13:34

    I agree with this statement also. There are many questions as you say about working with two systems SSS and Westminster within the benefit system. This could potentially lift carers out of not being able to apply due to other benefits that affect carers allowance. There would also be an impact on what salary you could earn if the guarantee was introduce which could reduce the amount of hours to receive the current £128 after tax and NI.
  • Posted by Dober67 August 21, 2021 at 13:17

    This benefit could really be a good thing for carers, especially at the moment where the working limit is so low. My husband worked part time, and the looked after my son and I, as we are disabled, but even though he only worked 5 hours a day, the amount is earned each week was roughly £6 more than the carer element limit. So, unfortunately he has had to take early retirement to help look after us, at the expense of his mental health, because he no longer was being around people as much. Plus, carers allowance does not allow you any extra benefits, like free dental treatment or glasses. So, again, the money he gets from carers is further depleted by dental treatment or new glasses, or the option of not going for these things. So a MIG, sounds fantastic, but, how will it effect other benefits? Is it going to be the main benefit, will all others took away and just have this one, or is it going to be a top up benefit? Who will be eligible, and what rate, as one rate for all would not work. Carers allowance is to me, something that says thank you for looking after someone and helping to keep costs down in the NHS, but what they are paid, is pitiful compared to what the NHS would pay out to care for someone. There does need a lot of thought and discussion about MIG, and how it will actually work.
  • Posted by sb87 August 26, 2021 at 21:57

    I agree that working carers should definitely have better protections. However, I do not think MIG is the solution. The existing regulation that creates the problem should be reviewed. Whilst in specific cases MIG may sound good, at an overall country level I strongly believe the side effects of this policy will work towards the weakening of economy hence ultimately of the taxes needed to fund such a scheme. Especially if Scotland does want independence one day. Let's correct existing flowed laws instead of creating an unsupportable fiscal system.
  • Posted by Bennyboyle September 13, 2021 at 04:39

    It is like everything else but I believe it is just a plaster it will stop the bleeding and help but not gives surgery to heal and stop it. While everyone has their own thoughts and sorry completly disgaree with the comment that doing carer duties is a thankyou it is a full-time job but realistically they would have to shift the current goalpost the goverment could not afford what would be a massive bill and drain on the system and if it meant the taxes to rise quite a lot I do not care the taxpayer would not vote for it if it does not concern them or they have to pay for it. I have seen many chats and debates from people that if your married you should not get anything as caring for your wife is part of your duties as a married person or partner Yes don't get me going. We like and society and uk think we are to much of a soft touch I used to think terrible but I agree. Those seeking refugee's accordingly must seek it in the first country they step onto but they go through or can up to 5 and 10 just to get our benefits and social care and standing which we have fought and voted a long time for. While I do believe in honest refugee's I do not believe in those coming over illegally just to better themselves it has a effect on our system and payments and if we need to house 20,000 refuge's or more who will pay for that while that's a fact it also means less in the purse for carer's or other great ideas without raising costs and with our own issues with housing homeless etc we are already creaking so who will pay. The bottom line is we do not live in a fair world sometimes we just need to be thankful for what we already have.
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