We CAN eradicate poverty in Scotland, so why shouldn't we?

1. What do you see as being the key elements of a Minimum Income Guarantee? -allows EVERYONE in Scotland the chance to live within acceptable standards (secure housing, food/other immediate needs and child and health-care related needs) 2. What do you see as the main benefits, challenges and risks of a Minimum Income Guarantee in Scotland? - main (and potentially transformative) benefit would be reducing poverty and inequality (and problems relating to these 2 issues) -MIG makes more sense than UBI as actually targeted at those with lower incomes (the ones who need the most help and support) -similar schemes have been trialled eg in Finland where people's wellbeing was notably improved (source: Business for Scotland website) 3. Are there certain groups of people that you think should be given particular attention when thinking about how a Minimum Income Guarantee in Scotland should work? -Yes, primarily those who cannot work due to childcare reasons or ill health (including mental illness), disability or other caregiving responsibilities. -Also, all working class families especially those with young children or planning to have children - this will break cycles of poverty and allow these children the best chance at life. -There should also be special attention given to those who have just travelled or fled to Scotland (refugees, migrants etc) as many have experienced trauma or are unable to work due to language barriers or issues with right to work documents. They should be given time and financial support to get onto their feet. -Other marginalised groups such as kids in care and care leavers, members of the Traveller community and past users of mental health facilities (including for addiction) as well as those unable to work due to criminal records or prison time should also be factored into this plan. 4. What steps should we take first to deliver the Minimum Income Guarantee in Scotland? You may wish to think about public services, employment and employers, and social security. -Many are worried this will be 'expensive' or a drain on government funds but I couldn't agree less. The first step the Scottish government needs to take in delivering MIG (after providing immediate financial support to those in urgent need of it) should be sourcing the funding for MIG. This could be found through taxing the rich and upper classes properly and at higher rates due to their much higher income, taxing rental properties and businesses owned by individuals at higher rates, reducing ridiculous amounts spent by Universities funding the likes of BAE systems (opposed by majority of students anyway) and by paying politicians less.

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Scotland has the potential to look after ALL Scottish people. The pandemic has shown us more than ever before how much our community and our people matter! We must extend a helping hand (out of necessity and human empathy) to those who need help. It is our imperative to support everyone in Scotland and eradicate poverty and in doing so we can eradicate our country's major problems (drug usage, addiction, crime, mental illness, suicide, trauma, child abuse etc). We never vote for Tories so why should we stand by while their policies of austerity wreak havoc on Scotland? MIG is the bare minimum for our people, we owe it to them!!! People are worth more than businesses.

by mac_sctlnd on August 18, 2021 at 04:42PM

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  • Posted by Edinburgher August 19, 2021 at 14:13

    There's a world of difference between extending a helping hand and providing free money for life and establishing a skiver's paradise.
  • Posted by MaryCM August 19, 2021 at 19:54

    Totally agree with Edinburgher. Why do some people in this country feel they are entitled to a free ride for life. Everyone who is fit to, should work. Benefits should be a last resort when people are unable to find any work at all.
  • Posted by DuineSgith August 19, 2021 at 21:09

    The idea of a "skivers paradise" is a lie. Trials of universal basic income have shown no real change in employment levels: https://www.forbes.com/sites/adigaskell/2018/03/05/does-a-universal-basic-income-discourage-work/?sh=283f5806541b As lockdown showed, people don't enjoy staying at home doing nothing, and the vast majority of people will still work even if they don't need to to survive. MIG would simply mean those who aren't able to work x number of hours per week (for whatever reason) don't have to worry about starving or becoming homeless
  • Posted by Dober67 August 20, 2021 at 13:58

    I see it from all angles in the comments. This needs though and research and consultations, in order to see who would need help, why they would need help, and also, how it would be delivered. You cannot just hand money that is supposed to be for improving their lives, by allowing them to eat, or heat or even have dignity in buying something themselves, instead of relying on people giving them, without being assured where the money is going. You simply cannot simply hand over money to an addict, or someone who is unable to manage their money. Giving some people, say £14, for a days food for themselves, instead they then go buy something else instead, is just defeating the object of bringing people out of poverty. A lot of people are extremely embarrassed about going to a food bank or to somewhere else for something they need like a bed for their child/children. So, this is an absolute fantastic idea, but it really really does to be looked at, and researched throughly, with a lot of different members of the community’s .
  • Posted by Peterfromfife August 25, 2021 at 16:17

    “ Scotland has the potential to look after ALL Scottish people.” Actually what lockdown showed is how much we need to be part of the UK to ride out tough economic times. Now the deal with the ‘greens’ will remove any future wealth from oil so where is it imagined all the money to ‘eradicate poverty’ will come from? The existing base of tax payers is getting getting smaller and smaller in Scotland. The SNP and ‘Greens’ seem to be anti business and wealth creation, so I cannot see business taxes growing to compensate for lack of personal taxation. Any sensible business will be disinvesting in Scotland as soon as it can!
  • Posted by MMitchell August 26, 2021 at 09:48

    If covid has a shown anything it’s how many working people/families are living in poverty. Not because they refuse to work and not because they’re trying to live a designer lifestyle on minimum wage. They’d probably be financially better off on benefits and yet they continue to work, contributing to society, setting a good example to their children etc so why shouldn’t they get a helping hand? There will always be people unwilling to work but they are the minority and shouldn’t be used to prevent helping those willing to work. The businesses they are working for should also to forced to pay decent wages and their fair share of tax. Dividends to shareholders shouldn’t be allowed if companies are paying minimum wage too
  • Posted by Jane789 September 16, 2021 at 10:20

    Covid 19. furlough and Universal Credit shows just how fragile our economy is right now. MIG would allow people to pay bills etc, but also some online courses. These courses can help with qualifications to improve their CV as well as mental health. MIG covers all people, as just now there is gaps in the current system.
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