Who and how and cost

This benefit, should be looked at throughly for a lot of different reasons. Yes, I really do think it is a very good idea, but, how would it work, and who decides who is eligible. If you have a single person, a couple, family or disabled person, all given the same exact amount, would this be fair? A single person, maybe given £120 a week, and this would be more than adequate for them. If you gave the same amount to a couple, this would maybe just cover their expenses, a family given that amount, would probably be slight or more worse off, and a disabled person, given that amount, could in all probability be a great deal worse off. There has to be a lot of consultations on what the amount would be given, if it would be a across the board amount, or amounts based on total income, or a set amount for each group? How would this be paid, would people have to try and open a bank account, or would a post office account be accepted. Also the cost to the citizens of Scotland, how would it cost them, and how would it be managed and set up without huge costs as nearly everything that has so far been either built or implemented has been over budget or time.

Why the contribution is important

This has the ability to give people back their lives and dignity, to enable people to eat and heat, and buy clothing that is needed, without either doing without or going to a food bank. As regards the amounts, a single person, while still having the basics as everyone, their food or heating bill would not be as large as the rest of the groups. The “bottom “ of groups in a way, is someone who is disabled. They may be single, a part of a couple or family, and unfortunately, they have sometimes, more expenses than the other ones. We may be single, but the heating bill may be as large as a family bill. Someone with a car, while they have overheads, a lot of disabled people can not drive, and are unable to use public transport, so have to rely on a taxi or a friend or relative which may cost money they don’t have. Also, some people on certain benefits already can have free dental treatment or free glasses, someone on PIP, has to pay for their treatment. I am not in any way saying one group should get more than another, but I do maintain that this benefit needs a lot of consultations and considerations.

by Dober67 on August 21, 2021 at 02:43PM

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