Creating learning networks in Scotland

The idea is to create a scheme whereby young people can access a network of individual's knowledge gained over years of practical experience in diverse areas and where they live, to build into a system of vocational training that can provide real benefit to both parties; the young labour market entrants gain real training from those who have actually done the job, and the older generation get a chance to pass on knowledge that might otherwise be lost.

Why the contribution is important

The basic premise behind the idea is that Scotland has a older generation of individuals with wealth of knowledge and talent and an abundance of young people over a vastly distributed area with diverse training needs. As the older generation sit outside of the labour market, they are not considered useful and we are therefore losing valuable workplace experience. 

From a training perspective and utilising the accepted 70-20-10 approach, (job related experiences-interactions with others-knowledge), it is clear that knowledge alone is not sufficient to enable young labour market entrants to gain the confidence and the skills required to be effective in the workplace.

Scotland is full of ex and aspiring tradesmen, professionals, managers. We just need to make the connection between the two. 


by ibbo4406 on June 07, 2018 at 08:58AM

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