Culture and behaviours need to change

Explaining decsion making process with steps that have been gone through. 
Give people tools and skills to help people make decisions that are rational - otherwise public bodies can throw back out to say community decided. 
Terms like co-production and co-design and partnership shouldnt be used unless they are actually using these principles and correct definition - need to be able to explain. Involves relinquishing control. 
Be more open and involving the community - go to them and be prepared to make the effort to do so. 
Investement and effort to make relationships with communities for long lasting relationships with organisations - needed by decsion-makers. 
Recognise need and choose who is best to respond (not always government to deliver services) 

Why the contribution is important

Heirarchies and snobberies involved in relationships in public engagement (ie heirarchies in third sector and also in professional v expert relationships) 

Idea from public discussion in Dundee, 9th Aug - uploaded live at session by admin

by ScotGovOGPAdmin on August 09, 2018 at 03:39PM

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