Enable wider participation

Identifing who is directly responsible for work in government so you can access - speak to a person not a technology 
Work more with existing groups 

This idea was submitted at public discussion event Glasgow 13th August, uploaded by admin. 

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Opening up government to make it easier for people to access and participate in policymaking and decisonmaking 

by ScotGovOGPAdmin on August 13, 2018 at 03:25PM

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  • Posted by AlbaRose August 14, 2018 at 18:58

    Not sure if this is the correct category to put forward this idea, but could there not be a mechanism whereby ideas for the betterment of Scottish life in all areas could be lodged?

    Many people do not have the education, opportunity , wherewithal or inclination to be a politician, yet I'm sure there are many worthy ideas which would be worth an airing. This could be a nationwide venture with ideas being submitted via email or post, with distinct categories such as 'education' or 'enterprise' or 'agriculture' - all aspects of life today in Scotland.

    There could be a standardised acknowledgement received by the promoter of any idea (by email or post), with the more practicable, worthwhile - or even ingenious - ones being submitted for closer scrutiny/testing. If your idea got to this stage you would receive a certificate... and the best idea in each category could be given an award - a medal and certificate, say - in an annual award ceremony with possibly an overall winner (great TV?) This would mean that great ideas see the light of day and people would feel more involved in the life of the country and encourage innovation and invention (as Scots always HAVE done!)
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