Improving accessibility and transparency in operation of national and local democracy

People don't know how politicans vote (whip is not transparent on how people have voted) so should be more info on the role of party politics. 
More info on Roles and responibility for nat gov, local gov, what can and can't they do - needs to be more transaprent so people know where to go and don't blame wrong layers of governance. Need to know who took decisions - can people point to the minute where things happened? Makes decision-makers nervous but people just want information. 
Language should change - accessibility so people feel can take real democratic part in processes. Need to get rid of jargon. Anyone should feel confident to go in at any level if they are trying to make change. 
Accountability - should be able to clearly see how it all works and how you can access it. 
Being open to admit when mistakes have happened. Big fear of failure in society and workplaces. Shouldnt mean we shouldn't try. 
Should be updates on how things have been progressed (eg OGP Action Plan) - and outcomes from public meetings or consultations 

Why the contribution is important

Many problems with operationality of local democracy - not knowing points of access and not knowing where decsions have been made and by who. This means people dont have confidence to take part. There's a trust disconnect. Governments are very risk averse and have a fear of failing. 

Idea from public discussion in Dundee, 9th Aug - uploaded live at session by admin

by ScotGovOGPAdmin on August 09, 2018 at 03:49PM

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