Improving accessibility and usefulness of datasets

On 2nd September 2016, members of the Open Government Scotland Network met at Lauriston Halls, Edinburgh, to discuss possible committments for a Scotland Open Government Action Plan.

The group recognised that true transparency needs to be more than just putting out datasets. Availability is one thing but accessible and usable is more important. A committment on improving the accessbility and usability of data would be helpful. 

  • How do citizens get this information?
  • What is the role for the media in this?
  • There is a need for more active sharing - along with actively explaining facts and figures

Why the contribution is important

  • Consideration is needed for those not digitally engaged
  • A need to give people info they need – in a way they want it and can understand it
  • People need to understand the significance of data – e.g. was that the most effective use of resources to achieve best possible outcomes?

by PaulBradley on June 06, 2018 at 03:35PM

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  • Posted by Swannie July 27, 2018 at 14:11

    National Records, I believe have recently implemented big changes in how they release they're data to the public. They have moved to useing more meaningful and accessible infographics as opposed to long and unengaging reports.

    I think the media should have more moral or even statutory obligations to help with government communications.
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