Knowledge is Power: Create an app for engagement opportunities

In July 2017, the Open Government Network and Young Scot held an event with young people to explore the barriers for engaging with government to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Not having enough information or the right information in the right place, and a lack of knowledge that opportunities to engage exist, were key barriers. Using appropriate online and digital spaces were a common suggestion to overcome this barrier.

Most young people have a mobile so the group suggested that an app should be created that hosts a database with accessible information about opportunities to engage, whilst also providing reliable and educational information about government and the varying ways to get involved.

Why the contribution is important

  • “Not for young people – only ‘adults’ can change / do that”
  • Difficulties for young people to contact governments
  • Societies perception of young people
  • Fake News
  • Online Spaces
  • Geographical inequality
  • Not enough information or the right info
  • Social media – info not on Instagram, snapchat or whatsapp
  • Knowledge that opportunities exist
  • Ability to access opportunities

by PaulBradley on June 06, 2018 at 01:05PM

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