Landbanking Tax

It has always concerned me that multiple retailers and house builders (not RSLs) landbank and not for future developments but to stop other retailers and house builders from building next door and undercutting their prices, no other reason than that.

this is a vast amount of land throughout Scotland and the owners should be mad e to pay the local authority rates for it, now once they buy it they need to specify why they are buying it and then given a specific amount of time to come up with the plans then more time to tender the job and start the building work.  After specific points in time business rates/council tax start being levied in stages going all the way up to the full loss of revenue for the local council.

It will require a lot of thought to stop them starting basic work then finding reasons to stop but the Scottish Government must by tough on it right across the board.

If they then chose to sell the land then that will create work for builders and suppliers plus if it is retailers then more jobs, and the same applies for housing both private and social housing, surely if well thought out a win win situation all-round.

All of the above are just a brief outline of my thoughts but it could bring in revenue for cash strapped councils which will in turn help fulfill their services to the public and create much needed employment in many aspects.

Why the contribution is important

I feel very strongly about landbanking as it generates no income for anyone at present, but it could well do with well planned regulations and strict policing.

by g_johnnyG on May 31, 2018 at 01:23PM

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