NHS Boards - open meetings with the public

In light of NHS Staffordshire, NHS Gosport, NHS Tayside and other serious incidents, it would seem appropriate to allow members of the public to speak openly at NHS Board Meetings.

This may be a way for citizens to convey concerns to management and political leaders so that potential failures, or possible financial mismanagement, is captured transparently and earlier than if the issues are silenced.

It may help to avoid what the the document said that families were "consistently let down" by those in authority, both medical individuals and institutions, when they complained about the treatment of their loved ones.


Why the contribution is important

Health and Care is important to people.

It could create a culture in Scotland of fairer and more open dialogue and access. It could be a way for people to trust their health and care services.

It may prevent unnecessary deaths ; it may prevent fraud or other malpractice.

Openness can shine sunlight onto NHS and Care operations and prompt further inquiry.

by AlexStobart on June 22, 2018 at 10:41AM

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