Restricted Terms for List MSP's

It is very apparent that there are some MSP's who have made a career of being on the List and selected by their party to serve, after constantly being rejected by constituents by failing to be voted into an MSP position.  I think that consideration should be given to a 2 term maximum for List MSP's in the Scottish Govt, if they fail to get elected after two terms they cannot be considered for a LIST position.  Also if a candidate has been rejected for a List position a time limit of 2 elections before they can be considered for a LIST position, and they will only qualify if they have put themselves up for re-election for a constituancy MSP in those previous 2 Terms.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important, because the will of the electorate is being perverted by professional LIST MSP's who are unable to get elected by the constituant and are constantly rejected, but still are able to make a career out of that rejection, by taking LIST places.  If the General Public Dont want you as an MSP it is undemocratic to force that MSP via the list system onto a public that continually vote that MSP out.  This idea is also important as this system would introduce new blood to the parliament every 2 terms on the LIST system,  New Blood from all parties, Means New Ideas and not just the same old stale ideas that List MSP who cling to seats in desperation bring.  The Public of Scotland should have control over who we pay as public servants and this idea and an overall revue of the LIST system, would go some way to instilling new confidence in the LIST system as well as the Scottish Govt.  I think the LIST system for the Scottish Govt is Long Overdue for an overhall.

by Linuspoint on June 13, 2018 at 10:40PM

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  • Posted by JohnnyM September 05, 2018 at 21:12

    Completely agree with Linuspoint - the LIST system, while well intentioned, is not fair and results in rejected MSPs. Further conditions and limits should be applied.
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