Road improvements

Travelling on a daily basis on Clackmannanshire bridge between Fife and Glasgow I come across imense traffic queues caused by an issue that would be bery easlly solved saving road users time and fuel.

There are 2 major issues at both ends of this bridge (I'm not going to comment on the number of lanes...)

First the south access

this is being currently made by a roundabout, this is obsolete and creates more trouble than it solves.

This roundabout should be removed and instead continue the motorway (downgraded to A spec) directly to the Clackmannanshire bridge, then create a set of slip roads for access to Kincardine bridge (or use the access to the services).

The second issue relates to the stretch between the bridge and the roundabout on the north side.

Keeping the current roundabout I suggest the creation of an exit possibly using the existing, abandoned at the moment, overpass just at the end of the bridge and use it for access to Alloa and west upgrading the existing roads to A spec. this will even allow the access between Kincardine and Alloa by a second road.

In conclusion

The main structures are there already and only need to be reactivated with eventual repairs.

This will create alternative routes for the access to the bridges when roadworks are required and to aliviate traffic in case of accisdent or breakdown.

Why the contribution is important

This implementation of this idea will result in greatly improve local accesses, it is a very busy road with heavy goods vehicles circulating both directions, will remove the current bottleneck at both ends minimizing drivers frustation and by shortening travellling time will result in savings for drivers and removal of an environmental black  spot.

by Husoi on October 17, 2018 at 01:45PM

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