Accurate Death Statistics

The discussion must surely include accurate death statistics relating to Covid. Too many deaths were recorded as 'Covid Deaths' when in actual fact the person may have died with Covid not of Covid. Some families have been deeply distressed to find Covid mentioned on a loved ones death certificate when they knew that wasn't the cause of death, for example, stage 4 cancer and on palliative care yet Covid included in the certificate of death. No post mortem, no Covid test but 'assumed' . There have been many reasons offered as to why this occurred but there has to be a full investigation in order to acknowledge some of teh deaths counted toward the Covid pandemic were in fact unrelated to it

Why the contribution is important

This is crucial information for a number of reasons not least to try to restore some faith and confidence in the information our governing bodies are publishing. It would also give families a degree of comfort that their loved one wasn't used to massage a pandemic as some would suggest.

by Mgtmail on September 29, 2021 at 05:11PM

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  • Posted by meganldwis95 September 29, 2021 at 20:44

    If the Government want to scaremonger continuously why won't they be transparent with the public. Go ahead and publish the daily figures of those vaccinated in hospital with side effects, with covid and then the deaths of the trial of this poison! Enough is enough! At least you can say on your death bed you had a little dignity and self respect because you are gutless and disrespectful to the people of Scotland!
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