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The Inquiry needs to look at the entire issue of care homes and, in particular, why residents were denied the simple pleasures of seeing family for such an extended period of time.

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For residents in care homes, many have lost their independence, their previous lifestyle -all they have left is their family and friends - to deny them that for 18 months and longer is simply in humane. Public health need to recognise that there is much more to keeping residents “Safe” than keeping them free of Covid. For many elderly residents, it is quality of life that is important, not quantity. With suitable infection control measures, homes should have been able to accommodate this. To simply shut the doors and effectively imprison the residents with no visiting rights is a serious and unforgivable breach of their fundamental human rights. People who are advising care homes need to actually understand how the care sector works, and how its users (family and residents) feel .

by Chegs on September 29, 2021 at 09:08AM

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  • Posted by sheilarob September 29, 2021 at 15:33

    The issues around visiting a Care Home during Lockdown need investigating. Families could not act as an advocate for their relative, even when holding Power of Attorney status and individuals Human Rights were ignored. Some Care Homes have managed to think out the box and ensure communication was supported, whilst keeping residents safe. Not all made us stand at closed windows in the rain and snow trying to talk to our 103 year old Mum with dementia, expecting her to communicate via mobile phone or iPad! Guidelines were communicated by Management through emails, informing of actions to be taken in respect of Isolation of loved ones. There was no two way dialogue and if questions were asked as to why a certain action was being taken, it was always referred to as the decision by “Public Health” by “Care Inspectorate” by “Infection Control”. Always laying the decisions on someone else. How legal were some of these decisions? Guidelines could be followed or not it seems by Care Homes and this needs investigated. Guidelines and Policy Reviews need to stop and Anne’s Law needs to be implemented asap, as it should have been early on, ending relatives continual lockout from their loved ones. There is so much feedback of essential visiting, supported by good PPE and Lateral Flow testing being equally as safe for relatives as staff members entering the establishments. No relative is going to put their loved one at risk. The action of discharging individuals from hospital into Care Homes needs investigation. My Mum’s Care Home state they did not accept any discharges from hospital, but the practice appears to have been widespread and the cause of so many infections. Why was the Louisa Jordan Hospital not used for isolation of these individuals, to ensure they had at least two negative tests before being placed in Care Homes. Yes beds needed to be freed up, but it could have been done so much better.
  • Posted by triton September 29, 2021 at 22:50

    (Every single comment I agree with above) Care Homes will be the biggest scandal of our history from discharge to the biggest injustice of our lifetime by keeping the most vulnerable apart from their family for 12-17 months & this is still ongoing for so many as in rations of time together ,Government can’t hide from this what they put upon so many caused more deaths than covid so many families gave up due to the cruel isolation policies from being locked away continually in their rooms for 14 days with no real family contact! I pads do not cut it !! Especially with families that have dementia ,This is on Government they knew & still know that many Care Homes have became a law unto themselves yet sat back had talks after talks whilst many we’re giving up! The stories go on forever sad stories of some wanting to take their own life’s stories that are so sad many can not ever talk about again! The damage done is irreversible &That’s also on Government for their disproportionate guidance and for not forcing the hand of those not allowing family time with their loved ones ! Every other law & guideline was forced upon all of the public yet here we are all still sitting on edge as those getting family time can have that taken by the flick of a switch ! Families had no right to choice or voice their opinion almost like they are a Nothing! They are our everything!The emotional scars will never leave us!
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