It needs to be shown why we should have confidence this enquiry isnt just a rerun of the other farces. It needs to be outwith uk as the trust in scots gov has dramatically fallen, if wrongdoing found will it be a case of media etc telling us no fault proven and heavily redacted items again? Will anyone actually be held to account this time? No snp/greens should have any input and neither should nicola sturgeon, hence the reason this needs to be held outwith the uk, judge lead for it to be respected in anyway, shape or form. Also no pile ons from nicola, snp, members and rest to try and discredit it.

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Too many inquries are "not in the public interest" , found to have wrong doing then a media onslaught saying the exact opposite, the smearing of others to harrass your way through this, the redactions and word changing, information withheld or blocked, basically the corruption we have seen in every case under nicola sturgeon. if this is held by scotsgov it loses our trust immediately and an insult to every person who has died or lost a loved one. We just can't take you seriously anymore.

by Kmc47 on September 24, 2021 at 11:32AM

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