Could, and should Scotland have locked down earlier

We should examine the data and decision making around the lockdown date. From the data the spread of infection was already on a steep trajectory and by time we locked down we were already too late to prevent the huge peak of deaths. Could we have done more earlier?

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We need to learn from clear mistakes by understanding why we made those mistakes. While the lockdown itself slowed the progress of the virus, it was clearly too late to prevent many deaths.

by StuartMacfar on September 28, 2021 at 04:59PM

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  • Posted by wrussell1980 September 29, 2021 at 14:33

    I lost four family members who all caught Covid-19 at a family birthday celebration on 7th March 2020 when the UK Government was ironically telling us to wash our hands whilst singing happy birthday. At this stage Covid-19 was being covered on the news but the Scottish Government seemed to be waiting for the "4 nations approach" rather than acting to save our people. It has since come to light that government meetings to discuss the pandemic were ignored by the UK Government but what powers did the Scottish Government have and if they only had the powers to sit and wait then this is surely another reason for independence?
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