Why were GP surgeries (not all) refusing to see patients unless it was an emergency. Time could have been spent contacting the over 80's to ask if they were ok, if they had supplies of their required medication or if they were suffering any illness/symptoms and did they require GP input. One 85 year old lady failed to have her prescription filled for over a year for her Thyroxine and low dose antibiotics for an immuno compromised condition. Unaware of this because her family were unable to visit her (due to restrictions) this caused a dramatic deterioration of her physical health and cognitive ability. Had she been able to work a computer she may have been able to email the practice but to speak to them was an impossibility due to automated messages which she did not understand. Still in October 2021 her GP practice has not resumed normal practice, why?? Get a plan in place for future incidences. do not leave the vulnerable, lonely at home with no contact from any community services. This woman was failed

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Elderly citizens have the right to be able to access community health services, the fact that they very often have no IT skills not to mention Wifi or PC's/laptops leaves them at a disadvantage. The telephone system of appointments with the long drawn out automated series of possible buttons to press is also a disadvantage to the hard of hearing and therefore restrictive. We must look after our old people. They have worked their whole lives to contribute to our country and we have abandoned them.

by MillieMoo123 on September 29, 2021 at 10:42AM

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  • Posted by sandram September 29, 2021 at 15:24

    I agree with all the points made under "why this contribution is important", and also add a specific issue relating to my area: The local GP surgery is a small branch surgery which closed with lockdown, as it could not meet social distancing / other health and safety requirements. There is no direct public transport to the main medical practice, hence people without their own transport were effectively cut off from being able to access GP services face to face, until a local charity stepped in to assist with a minibus. There is no sign of the branch surgery reopening, and the charity transport solution is a sticking plaster on a larger problem. On top of all the points made in the main point above, physical access is a real issue, for elderly patients and others without transport.
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